Title: Stake your claim to cash
Date: 1994
Source: Retrieved on 18th November 2021 from struggle.ws
Notes: Published in Workers Solidarity No. 42 — Spring 1994.

WAGES COUNCILS in Northern Ireland (and Britain) have been abolished by the Tory government. For years they set minimum pay rates in some of the traditionally low paid industries like catering. As of last February 7th they are no more.

However the Wages Inspectorate will continue to investigate complaints and order payments of back money until August 6th of this year. After that date you will no longer be allowed to recover the wages that you were legally entitled to.

Earlier this year the Law Centre in Derry helped a bakery worker to get £4,500 in back pay. If you suspect that you may have been covered by a minimum wage order but paid less than the legal rate contact the Belfast Law Centre (tel: 321307) or the Derry Law Centre (tel: 262433). They can advise you how to get your cash before it’s too late.