black bloc

  1. Anarchist / Black Bloc Motivation (Anonymous)
  2. The Black Bloc in Quebec: An Analysis (Nicolas Barricada Collective)
  3. Black Bloc Tactics Communiqué (Anti-Racist Action, Green Mountain Anarchist Collective)
  4. Has The Black Bloc Tactic Reached The End Of It’s Usefulness? (Severino)
  5. Human Strike Has Already Begun And Other Writings (Claire Fontaine)
  6. Interview with Peter Lamborn Wilson (Affinity Project)
  7. N30 Black Bloc Communiqué (ACME Collective)
  8. Neither Washington Nor Stowe (david van deusen, green mountain anarchist collective)
  9. Some of our reflections on the days in Genoa (El Paso)
  10. The Surgeons of Occupy (Peter Gelderloos)
  11. ‘We’re Here, We’re Queer, We’re Anarchists’: The Nature of Identification and Subjectivity Among Black Blocs (Edward Avery-Natale)
  12. Willful Disobedience Volume 2, number 12 (Anonymous, Canenero, Horst Fantazzini, Massimo Passamani)