1. Anti-Imperialist Struggles (Workers’ Solidarity Federation)
  2. Articles from “Machete” #1 (Anonymous, Benjamin Péret, Émile Armand, Ricardo Flores Magón, Zo d’Axa)
  3. Articles from “Machete” #2 (André Breton, Anonymous, Armand Robin, Carl Einstein)
  4. Buenaventura Durruti (Joe King)
  5. The Dead End of Climate Justice (Ali Tonak, Tim Simons)
  6. Dealing with Distractions: Confronting Green Capitalism in Copenhagen and Beyond (Alexis Passadakis, Ben Lear, Derrick Jensen, Mikko Virtanen, Peter Gelderloos, Tadzio Müller)
  7. Dreaming of a Reality where the Past & Future Meet the Present (Andrew Flood)
  8. Forgotten Heroes: Spanish Resistance in France 1939–45 (Anonymous)
  9. For Mass Struggle and Subversion (Anti-System Cores)
  10. From Autonomous Space Towards Liberated Space: Some Points for Discussion and Debate (Anonymous)
  11. “New Anarchism”: Some Thoughts (Teoman Gee)
  12. On Blasphemy and Imagination: Arab Surrealism Against Islam (Don LaCoss)
  13. “Sooner or later you will all be in trouble” (Balkan Anarchists of Northern Europe)
  14. To Get to the Other Side: a journey through Europe and its anarchist movements (Peter Gelderloos)
  15. A Visit to Amsterdam (Colin Ward)
  16. What is Democracy? (Peter Gelderloos)