1. Anarchism and the Black Revolution (Lorenzo Kom’boa Ervin)
  2. Anarchism: The New Identity Politics (Anonymous)
  3. The Anarchist Tension (Alfredo M. Bonanno)
  4. Anti-Capital Projects (Anonymous)
  5. Bash Back! is Dead; Bash Back Forever! (Tegan Eanelli)
  6. The Body of the Condemned Sally: Paths to Queering anarca-Islam (Mohamed Jean Veneuse)
  7. Border Crossings (Cindy Milstein)
  8. Colonization and Identity (Chris Kortright)
  9. Dirty Mirrors and Deformed Reflections: A response to Chris Dixon’s “Reflections on Privilege, Reformism, and Activism” (sasha k)
  10. Dissonances (Alfredo M. Bonanno)
  11. Earth First Means Social War: Becoming an Anti-Capitalist Ecological Social Force (Liam Sionnach)
  12. Essentialism and the Problem of Identity Politics (Lawrence Jarach)
  13. Feral Revolution (Feral Faun)
  14. From Politics to Life: Ridding anarchy of the leftist millstone (Wolfi Landstreicher)
  15. Identity In Crisis (baedan)
  16. Lines in Sand (Peter Gelderloos)
  17. Maintaining the Borders: identity & politics (Jamie Heckert)
  18. The Meaning of Anarchism (Gabriel Kuhn)
  19. Musings on Nothingness (baedan)
  20. Not Your Mom’s Trans 101 (Asher)
  21. On the Road with CWS (dot matrix)
  22. Ship of Fools (Ted Kaczynski)
  23. Stop Saying This Is a Nation of Immigrants! (Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz)
  24. ‘We’re Here, We’re Queer, We’re Anarchists’: The Nature of Identification and Subjectivity Among Black Blocs (Edward Avery-Natale)
  25. Who is Oakland (Escalating Identity)
  26. Willful Disobedience Volume 3, number 5 (Anonymous, Massimo Passamani)