1. 500 Years of Indigenous Resistance (Anonymous)
  2. Aboriginies in Australia (J. Clancy)
  3. Actions Speak Louder Than Words (Derrick Jensen)
  4. Against The New World Order (Rob los Ricos)
  5. An Anarchist At the World Social Forum (Walker Lane)
  6. Avatar: An Anarcho-Primitivist Picture of the History of the World (Layla AbdelRahim)
  7. Avatar: Revising the White Man’s Story (Anonymous)
  8. Biocide and Against The New World Order (Rob los Ricos)
  9. Building a “Canadian” Decolonization Movement: Fighting the Occupation at “Home” (Nora Butler Burke)
  10. Cherusci, Dakota both resisted colonization (Anonymous)
  11. “Civilization from Savagery”: Amerika’s Indian Schools and cultural genocide (John Connor)
  12. Colonization and Identity (Chris Kortright)
  13. Colonization, Self-Government and Self-Determination in British Columbia (Insurgent-S)
  14. Dancing with Ghosts: A Memoir of Tribal War (CrimethInc.)
  15. Evo’s Highway (John Severino)
  16. The False Promise of Green Technology (Anonymous)
  17. First Nations in Canada: When Property Law Does Not Apply (Andrew Flood)
  18. For America To Live Europe Must Die (Russell Means)
  19. Haiti: a history of intervention, occupation and resistance (Andrew Flood)
  20. Having Little, Being Much: A Chronicle of Fredy Perlman’s Fifty Years (Lorraine Perlman)
  21. Imputationism (Bob Black)
  22. Introducing the Diné, O’odham, anarchist/anti-authoritarian Bloc! (Phoenix Class War Council)
  23. Karl Marx and the Iroquois (Franklin Rosemont)
  24. The Many Prisoners of America’s Security State (Peter Gelderloos)
  25. Morgan’s Mutant Fantasy: A critique of Marlo Morgan’s book Mutant Message Down Under (Chris Sitka (Napaltjarri))
  26. On Rumors Gossip, Lies, and Snitch-Jacketing of Native Warriorz (Native Youth Movement Communications)
  27. The Question of Kennewick Man: re-writing colonization (Chris Kortright)
  28. Ran Prieur on Avatar (Ran Prieur)
  29. Report from Occupied Miwok Territory (Anonymous)
  30. Solidarity With American Indian Land Recovery: unfinished ideas on the decolonization of colonial descendants (Chris Kortright)
  31. Stop Saying This Is a Nation of Immigrants! (Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz)
  32. Tasmanian Genocide (Anonymous)
  33. The Intensification of Independence in Wallmapu (John Severino)
  34. “The Other Gods Were Crying” (John Severino)
  35. Transform and Rebel: The Calico Indians and the Anti-rent War (Thom Metzger)
  36. We Are Still Here (Anonymous)
  37. Why Anti-Authoritarian? (Larry W. Giddings)
  38. Winning the War, Losing the Peace: Ecological Revolution Flounders on Bougainville (Anonymous, Clive Porabou)
  39. With Land, Without the State: Anarchy in Wallmapu (Anonymous)