Title: Statement
Date: 2015
Source: https://underhilldistro.tumblr.com/statement retrieved on March 22, 2022

underHILL is born of the milieu, not the struggle.

underHILL uses the term ‘milieu’ with only a hint of irony (its Montréal, fuck off).

underHILL is unapologetically North American.


underHILL doesn’t care about ‘speaking’ to the ‘disenfranchised’.

underHILL would rather be your friend then your comrade.

underHILL just left in an Uber and doesn’t care what you think about it.


underHILL knows they shouldn’t but still blocs in a tight hoodie.

underHILL would rather rack shit than dumpster it.

underHILL will pay 5$ for a coffee.


underHILL thinks the individual is vast and contains multitudes.

underHILL ‘gets’ what you mean by ‘nihilist’ but still thinks you’re using it wrong.

underHILL cares less about ideas, and more about the moments that birthed them.


underHILL believes the scene is nothing more than the activity of those who compose it.

underHILL will rep your projects even if we think they’re boring. Or misguided.

underHILL is trying to maintain friendships across vast distances.


underHILL knows that irony is a defence mechanism, but underHILL doesn’t trust you yet.