1. Anarchism, a History of Fighting for Women’s Freedom (Anonymous)
  2. De-essentializing Anarchist Feminism: Lessons from the Transfeminist Movement (J. Rogue)
  3. Feminism as fascism (Bob Black)
  4. The Firebrand and the Forging of a New Anarchism: Anarchist Communism and Free Love (Jessica Moran)
  5. Greens are Anarchists, or Should Be (Gary Elkin)
  6. Human strike within the field of libidinal economy (Claire Fontaine)
  7. Love without borders? Intimacy, identity and the state of compulsory monogamy (Jamie Heckert)
  8. Maintaining the Borders: identity & politics (Jamie Heckert)
  9. Mary Wollstonecraft, Her Tragic Life and Her Passionate Struggle for Freedom (Emma Goldman)
  10. The Negativity of Anarchism (David Wieck)
  11. Post-Civ!: A Deeper Exploration (Usul of the Blackfoot)
  12. The Poverty of Feminism (Dominique Karamazov)
  13. Queerly Erotic: An open love letter to Ursula Le Guin (Jamie Heckert)
  14. Refusing to Wait: Anarchism and Intersectionality (Deric Shannon, J. Rogue)
  15. Seven Years Buried Alive and Other Writings (Amadeo Clavijo Rarmírez, Biófilo Panclasta, B. Rosales de la Rosa, Gonzalo Buenahora, Iván Darío Alvarez, J.A. Osorio Lizarazo, Juancarlos Gamboa Martínez, Juan el Cruzado, Luis A. Fajardo Sánchez, Orlando Villanueva Martínez, Rafael Gómez Picón, Renán Vega Cantor)
  16. Why Anti-Authoritarian? (Larry W. Giddings)